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Deesa is situated on banks of river banas. Deesa was also recognized as camp Deesa as it was under the rule of Deewan saheb. In the year 1821 A.D British cantonment was established which was situated in middle of Rajasthan and Palanpur. The main aim of the army cantonment was to maintain and protect these regions as well as to provide security to the eastern part which has Bhilad localities. Deesa’s army cantonment was also known as “Deesa Field Brigade“. This regiment was recognized so as it’s main aim was to keep an eye on and control the activities of ‘Sardars (Leaders)’ of Dacoits which were active between Abu and Kutchch regions. The agency was given the special duty of protecting the forest and the residents from the harassment of other tribal communities like Khosas, Bhills, Daferas as well as provide security to the north Gujarat residents from these tribal conflicts. In 1813 A.D. many problems started arising in deesa area. Tribal communities like Bhills & other Rajputs started harassing the local people and with intention of keeping these local people safe British cantonment was formed. British army established many army barracks in this region.


Deesa is well known for potato plantation. Agriculture research centre is situated here. It is a small town with an non-functioning airport.there are many temples like ramji mandir, regiment mahadev, gayatri mandir, jalaram mindir, resala mahadev etc. Population consist of different religions like hindu, muslim, christian, parsi. It is famous for its extreme temperatures from 47 degree celsius to 4 degree celsius.


As of 2001 Deesa had a population of 83,340. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Deesa has an average literacy rate of 61%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 69% and, female literacy is 52%. In Deesa, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Nearby places

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